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  Aug 16, 2017
2008-2009 Florida Community College at Jacksonville Catalog 
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2008-2009 Florida Community College at Jacksonville Catalog

Fire Fighter II (Fire Fighter I and II) (5720)

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Workforce Certificate

A Selective Admission Program

This program prepares students for certification and initial employment as fire fighters in the state of Florida. Successful program completion will qualify students to take the state minimum standards written, oral and practical examination as administered by the Bureau of Fire Standards and Training.

Career Opportunities/Rapid Placement

In addition to community fire departments, there are opportunities in Federal and State installations such as airports, and small, private fire fighting companies. There is also a need for inspectors, investigators, forest rangers and smoke jumpers. In all cases, employment is based on high test scores and outstanding skills.

Annual Salaries

Median base earnings of fire fighters is about $20 an hour plus excellent benefits and retirement at half pay. Experience and advancement can increase your base salary from $42,000 to as high as $90,000 a year.


The Firefighter I and II program qualifies you to sit for the state minimum standards written, oral and practical examination as administered by the Bureau of Fire Standards and Training.


The estimated cost for tuition and materials fees is $1,215 for Florida residents and $3,910 for non-Florida residents. In addition, the student is responsible for any expenses incurred while fulfilling the prerequisites as well as the cost of required books, fire fighting equipment and state processing fees.

Application Procedure

The Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) is a major criterion in a student’s completion of the program. Students who fail to meet the State of Florida’s designated exit score will be required to complete the Vocational Preparatory Instruction (VPI). In order to complete the program successfully, students must achieve or surpass the designated exit score(s). See Standards of Academic Progress.

Fire Fighter II (I & II) is a selective access program and admission in the program is based upon the following criteria. All needed instructions and paperwork are provided during the admission process.

To meet the minimum requirements for consideration for acceptance into the program, applicants must complete the following as instructed during the admission process:

  1. Provide evidence of a current EMT or Paramedic certification.
  2. Be at least 18 years of age and have earned a high school standard diploma or equivalency degree (must provide official high school transcripts).
  3. Submit a medical examination for FST-2 from a licensed Florida physician.
  4. Submit a polygraph examination.
  5. Submit a Lifetime Driving History from each state that you have been a licensed driver.
  6. Take and pass a physical fitness test with a timed score of 7.00 minutes or less.
  7. Submit a drug screen test.
  8. Submit an FDLE background investigation report.
  9. Submit notarized copy of statement of meeting minimum requirements of a fire fighter in the state of Florida.
  10. Submit DD-214, if prior military.
  11. Submit official college transcripts.
  12. Submit TABE scores, if taken.

Application (only after acceptance into program)

  1. Applicants must have medical examinations on form FST-2 (see above).
  2. Applicants must submit fingerprint cards for proof of good moral character.
  3. Proof of medical insurance to remain in force for the duration of program.
  4. Application for Certification as a Fire Fighter (Division of State Fire Marshall Bureau of Fire Standards and Training).

The above documents shall be submitted to the Florida State Fire College no later than 10 days after class starts. Students are responsible for submitting these documents and all expenses that may be incurred.

Need More Information? Contact:

Terry West, South Campus, (904) 646-2182


Total Contact Hours: 450
Total Workforce Credits: 15.00

Vocational Preparatory Instruction (VPI)

Students who have satisfactory test scores are not required to take the following courses:

Record of Conviction of a Crime

Neither have been convicted of a felony or of a misdemeanor directly related to the position of employment sought, nor have pled nolo contendere to any charge of a felony. If an applicant has been convicted of a felony, such applicant must be in compliance with s. 112.011(2)(b). If an applicant has been convicted of a misdemeanor directly related to the position of employment sought, such applicant shall be excluded from employment for a period of four years after expiration of sentence. If the sentence is suspended or adjudication is withheld in a felony charge or in a misdemeanor directly related to the position or employment sought and a period of probation is imposed, the applicant must have been released from probation.

Applicants for a certificate of compliance as a fire fighter shall submit a completed fingerprint card with current processing fee. When Firefighter I and Firefighter II training are to occur contiguously, this submission should occur at the beginning of the Firefighter I training. In any other situation the submission is required prior to entry into Firefighter II training. Determination of good moral character is required prior to certification as a firefighter pursuant to Sections 633.34 (4) and 633.35 (2), F.S.

The Bureau of Fire Standards and Training shall consider the results of the fingerprint procedure outlined in Section 633.34, F.S., in making a determination as to the applicant’s good moral character.


College credits in this program can be applied toward the Fire Science Technology A.A.S. program.

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