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  Aug 16, 2017
2008-2009 Florida Community College at Jacksonville Catalog 
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2008-2009 Florida Community College at Jacksonville Catalog

Biotechnology Laboratory Technology (A.S.) (2199)

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Associate in Science

The Biotechnology Laboratory Technology program is an A.S. degree program which consists of classroom, laboratory and worksite instruction. The program prepares individuals for entry-level employment as Biotechnology Research Technician, Biotechnology Manufacturing Technician, and Cell Culture Technician by providing them with the following skills: make chemical reagents, perform biochemical analysis, use recombinant DNA techniques, culture bacteria or animal or plant cells, purify and/or characterize DNA and proteins, and collect and assess data. Students will also develop essential work skills such as professional behavior and appearance, dependability, ethics, follow directions, and team work.


This program includes on-site training with a Northeast Florida manufacturer or medical research center.

Career Opportunities, Rapid Placement

Biotechnology is a $500 billion per year industry. North Florida is home to dozens of companies involved in biolab technology or biomanufacturing. Your degree program readies you for entry-level positions as biotechnology research technicians, biotechnology manufacturing technicians or cell culture technicians.

Biotechnologists are employed as laboratory technicians by clinical research and pharmaceutical drug development laboratories such as Mayo Clinic, Medtronic, Pfizer and Vistakon. You also have great opportunities in forensic investigation, environmental improvement and protection, and agricultural product enhancement to feed an expanding global population.

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Total Credit Hours: 61

General Education

Credit Hours: 16

Humanities Credit Hours: 3
   *Refer to A.S./A.A.S. degree General Education Requirements 
Social and Behavioral Sciences Credit Hours: 3
   *Refer to A.S./A.A.S. degree General Education Requirements 



Record of Conviction of a Crime

Companies or agencies used for some clinical, internship or cooperative education classes may require students to undergo drug screening and/or criminal background checks prior to placement at their sites. Students whose drug screening or criminal background checks are unsatisfactory may be denied access to the company or agency. Withdrawal from the program may be necessary if students cannot be placed for clinical, internship or cooperative education classes.

University Transfer

This associate in science degree program is intended primarily for students who desire to complete an associate in science degree and become employed. Students who decide to pursue university transfer study must meet certain course and test requirements. For details refer to the university transfer guide.

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