Advanced Cosmetology
2008-2009 Florida Community College at Jacksonville Catalog

COS 0008 - Advanced Cosmetology

Following this course students will understand the procedures, responsibilities and system of the salon lab and will be introduced to electricity, wigs and hairpieces and will receive continuing instruction of hairshaping. This course will instruct students on cosmetics, make-up and hair removal. Students will be instructed on advanced nail procedures and will receive continued instruction on hairshaping techniques. This course will also instruct students on the Florida Law procedures as applied to Cosmetology. This course provides practical application of employability skills and salon management with emphasis on review for written exams. This course provides review for practical exams and exit preparation. The student will also prepare and take finals and exit exams. Following successful completion of exams students will have their exit interview and will receive assistance with submitting application to the State of Florida for their State Board Exam.
COS 0007

VPI 0100, VPI 0200 and VPI 0300 (as needed)

Contact Hours: 400
Workforce Credits: 13.5