Advanced Air Navigation
2008-2009 Florida Community College at Jacksonville Catalog

ASC 2110 - Advanced Air Navigation

This course traces the history of navigation from early forms of celestial navigation to modern electronic navigation (Global Positioning Systems, Flight Management Systems). Major changes to navigation are investigated including the sextant, the magnetic compass, early and modern radio navigation systems as well as various types of chart and chart projections. Detailed emphasis will be given to modern aeronautical charts, and both VFR and IFR cross country flight planning the use of GPS systems and “Glass Cockpit” systems. This course is designed for aviation students who desire to achieve a higher level of understanding about navigation than the minimum required to pass the various FAA Computer-Based Pilot Knowledge Tests; this course is equally appropriate for Private Pilots flying VFR only, as well as pilots with advanced certificates and/or instrument ratings.
Degrees Offered

Credit Hours: 3
Contact Hours: 3